Mark Wentzel is a visual artist based in Atlanta, Georgia actively practicing conceptual sculpture and installation work since 2001. A native of Detroit, Michigan his work has been exhibited in Atlanta, New York, Washington D.C., Michigan and Indiana. In 2008 He was included in SCOPE NY with DC based Project4 Gallery and has received international attention for his work XLounge, an artistic modification of a set of Eames Lounge chairs. In 2009 he presented a solo exhibition at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center entitled Morale Hazard, a comment on the crisis in the US auto industry, where he suspended a 1965 Ford Mustang from the ceiling. Mark did a follow up exhibition on obesity in 2010 at the Centers for Disease Control’s David J. Sencer Museum entitled Consequential Matters.

Since 2011 Mark has worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a contracted artist on the topic of Behavioral Design. This has shifted his studio practice toward public works that key in to common human habits and tendencies. His current work uses bold accessible imagery to promote right action, self-reflection, and increased mindfulness. His recent work is place-based graphical interventions that address issues of human behavior, personal motivation, and individual choice, projects situated in local settings; adjacent parks, store fronts, and transitional spaces, within the Poncey-Highland neighborhood of Atlanta where Mark lives and works. 
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